Historical Iron Foundry

The Historical Iron Foundry is located at the 3.800m distance, Southeast from the Demirkoy Municipality’s Center, Kırklareli District. There is considered that it was the most modern foundry of its era. The foundry was managed by the Demirkoy Tophane-i Amiriye / Demirkoy Armory Supervising Company that produced some of the warfare materials of the Ottoman armies and some of the iron parts used in the construction of ships, artillery and weapons. First of all, it is stated that the balls used by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han in the conquest of Istanbul in 1453 had the cannonballs poured there. Another important issue is that in this iron foundry, which belongs to the Ottoman period the supply of energy was made by using the near water resources.


GPS coordinates 41.817799, 27.814314