Project “Living Ancient Towns - Asagipinar and Rusokastro”, CB005.2.21.059

Lead Partner: Kirklareli District Directorate of Culture and Tourism / Turkey
Partners: Municipality Kameno/Bulgaria
Priority axis: 2, Sustainable tourism, Specific objective 2.1. “Increasing the touristic attractiveness of the cross-border area through better utilisation of natural, cultural and historical heritage and related infrastructure"
Duration: 23.07.2019-22.04.2021, 21 months
Total budget: 486 971.95 euro

The main project aim is to increase tourism attractiveness of the Cross border area through reconstruction and socialization of two very important archaeological sites - the Medieval Fortress Rusokastro in Kameno Municipality/Burgas region and Asagipinar open air museum in Kirklareli, which is demonstrating the prehistorical period and the rich historical past of these lands.
The project activities envisions investment works in both historical sites. Asagipinar open air museum – Kirklareli will be extended and restored with construction of path connecting important sections inside. A new Time Tunnel construction will be built. Prehistorically period will be presented through "Rocky Field" and "Wet Area".
Construction of complex recreation zone next to the Fortress Rusokastro is the main aim in the Bulgarian part. At the foot of the hill infront of the historical site will be set up a new attraction - a Mini Model of the Rusokastro Fortress, as well as thematic space with an open-air classroom, a training board, amphitheatrically placing seating benches for the trainees, outdoor playground, an archery site, rock climbing site, installation of park furniture - benches, waste bins, information boards.
The Publicity and visualisation of the project is succeeded with different tools aiming to promote the two sites by adding them to the network of already well-known tourist areas such as Sozopol and Nesebar. Through promotional events "Our Living Ancient Towns" are organized tours for tour operators and interested institutions for promoting of the touristic sites in the region. Selected 20 sites of the cultural and historical heritage from the cross border area are also included in a web portal and advertisement booklet.
The name Thrace was chosen for a name of the web portal because it is collective and unifies the territory on the Balkan Peninsula, locked between the Balkans Mountains, the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea and the mountain ranges to the west, regardless of today's political borders. This area has its common cultural and historical heritage from prehistory to the present day. It is known as the cradle of the ancient Thracian civilization, which left its mark on the traditions and culture of the people who inhabited these lands for more than 7 millennia.